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Ready To Transform Your Website Into A Sales Generating Machine?

There are serious consequences with a poorly designed website.

An amateurish website will make you lose sales, convert less, and build absolutely no trust.  It’ll make you look inexperienced and attract the wrong type of customers.

If you want a website that converts hundreds of thousands of customers into sale after sale, it’ll take more than just design alone. That’s why we combine beautiful designs with digital marketing expertise to craft the perfect website that’ll represent your brand, boost conversions, and increase your bottom line.

Do you want a 24/7 sales-driven website for your local business?

Take your local business to the next level with our high-performing website.

What Makes Sinfa So Different?

At Sinfa Digital, we build websites that sell by taking a holistic approach in website design. We combine beautiful designs with digital marketing expertise and incorporate data-driven insights to make sure your website will reach your customers and sales goals.

Most design companies only focus on making a website that looks nice. They don’t know how to get more website traffic, nor how to convert website visitors into paying customers for your business.

If no one knows about your website, even the most stunning website in the world will do absolutely nothing for your business. It’ll just sit in the corner and collect dust.

This is Where We Come In

We’re a web design company that values big data and machine learning.

We have tested and analysed thousands of websites. We used mouse-tracking and eye-tracking software, and we’ve have done countless experiments behind the scenes.

We’ve figured out how to get your website on the 1st page of Google using search engine optimisation, as well as the exact psychological factors that’ll get people to buy from your website.

By combing these data-driven insights with our beautiful designs and digital marketing expertise, we build superior websites that’ll boost your online presence and skyrocket your sales.

Is it time you got a website that you can truly be proud of?

A website that boosts your authority, positions you as the industry expert, maximised your marketing budget’s ROI, and puts all the hard work in growing your business for you?

Getting the right website will change your life and your business!

With a high-performing website, you get to spend more time growing your business and concentrate on what you’re good at. More importantly, you’ll get more time off and can spend it doing things you love or with the people who matters the most to you.

Are you ready to get a website that sells?


Next level websites, 5-star Results

All our websites are professionally crafted with world-class design and the latest SEO guidelines. We specialise in building websites for local businesses around London.

Whether you’re a tradesman looking to reach more local residents, a makeup artist who wants to showcase her work, a restaurant who wants to show their menu and vibes, a local gym looking to manage their memberships and classes, our web design solution can help your business reach new heights!

not sure this might be for you because you already have a website?

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Our Streamlined Design Process

When it comes to designing websites, our web design agency uses a very holistic approach. With this framework, we ensure every aspect of an effective website is covered; whether it’s developing your brand identity and content management system (CMS), getting website traffic, converting leads and more!

Our creative web design team will help you build a web design solution tailored specifically to your brand identity, as well as your business goals and your customer’s needs.









3 Steps to get a new website that's designed to sell

1. Schedule A FREE Breakthrough Call​

Tell us what success looks like for you. We'll give you personalised and actionable tips that'll help you reach your goals.

1. Schedule A Breakthrough Call​

Tell us what success looks like for you. We'll give you personalised and actionable tips that'll help you reach your goals.
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2. Get A High Performing Website

Our team will craft a stunning web design solution that’ll align your brand and business goals together with your customer’s needs.

2. Get A High Performing Website

Our team will craft a stunning web design solution that’ll align your brand and business goals together with your customer’s needs.
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3. Attract More Visitors and Drive More Sales

With the right plan, right looks, and right words, you’ll finally be able to get more sales and take your business to the next level.

3. Attract More Visitors and Drive More Sales

With the right plan, right looks, and right words, you’ll finally be able to get more sales and take your business to the next level.
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To Get Started With Your High-Performing Website

A website that’ll help you get more customers and boost your profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our web design services’ most asked FAQs.

Your website is your online storefront that is opened 24/7, it’s where people learn about your business. Without one, it’ll raise concerns and questions on the legitimacy of you and your business.

You might think… you can use an Instagram or Facebook page instead of a website. However, your website is always the centre of your online presence.

Just think about what you normally do when you look for a product or service. You’ll most likely start by searching around on Google before ending up on some website. Even if you start your search on social media, you don’t start on their page, you’ll nearly always go on their website if they have one, right?

The bottom line is… your website is the end goal and where everyone makes their buying decision. Without one, you’ll be missing the key that’ll unlock the marketing power of the online world.

An outdated website is detrimental to your business.

Your website is your online storefront, it represents your business, how profitable you are, and the quality of products and services expected.

Without an up-to-date, professional website, you’ll be scaring off potential customers. Even worst, you’ll be turning away higher budget customers. An outdated website will attract customers with lower budgets who are looking for low cost, low quality services.

If you don’t want to target low budget customers, you shouldn’t have an outdated website.

Typically, for a 5 to 10-page website, we charge around $2,500 – $5,000 for the full website design and development process, depending on the length and complexity of the website.

If you’re looking to get a website with more than 10 different page designs, we will need to understand your requirements first before giving you a quote.

Yes, we build safe and secure eCommerce websites. We re-designed eCommerce websites that have increased conversion rate and sales by up to 300%.

Typically, we build eCommerce websites in WooCommerce or Shopify, depending on requirements.

Normally, the entire design and development process takes 4 – 8 weeks from when we first get the full brief until the website is fully designed and developed. The length of time depends on the complexity of the website and when the design team can get all the required information from you.

Yes. We’ll be happy to give your project priority and put it in the ‘express’ queue to meet your deadlines for an additional fee – to be discussed in the proposal.

Yes, having a mobile-friendly website is extremely important because nowadays, over half the people access the internet over the phone. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, they’ll most likely instantly leave and go to another website that is.

At Sinfa Digital, we focus on getting results, so we ensure all our all websites are designed for tablets and mobile devices.

Depending on your website requirements and whether you need a content management system or not, we’ll either use HTML or WordPress (the most popular CMS in the world).

If you’re looking for an eCommerce website, we’ll either use WooCommerce or Shopify, once again, depending on your requirements.

Paid advertising refers to any ads you see online; Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram sponsored posts, YouTube video ads.

We specialise in Google AdWords. It’s the quickest way to get your website to appear right at the top of relevant search results. The best bit is, you don’t get charged unless someone clicks on it, since Google AdWords uses a ‘pay-per-click’ business model.

We are based in London. Most of our clients are from the UK too, but we have a few in Europe, USA, and Hong Kong too.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It’s the process where we improve the quality and quantity of the visitors entering your website by making your website show up more often on relevant search results.

SEO is what gets your noticed. Without it, no one will know your website exists! Over 5.5 billion searches are being conducted per day, many of which are where people are looking for products or services. By showing your website on relevant search results, we’re essentially showing your website to everyone who’s looking and ready to buy your products and services.

So how do we do this?

Search engines like Google use algorithms to find the most relevant and trustworthy website so they can provide the best search experience possible for their users. By optimising your website and content to the factors that influence the algorithm, you’ll show up more often, in more relevant search results.